• Participated in Vietnam Global Vision Camp in Chungnam ict Fusion Lab

  • Youth Entrepreneur Academy Interim Evaluation Excellent

  • Participated in Singapore NUS Program

  • Selected as Accelerator for Chung-nam Content Enterprise Development Center

  • Selected as an accelerator for 2019 agricultural food technology company

  • Selected as a small business data voucher support project

  • Started developing 'Cast-u for farm'

  • Selected as Singapore Global Startup

  • Participated in Luxembourg ICT Springs 2019

  • 'Cast-u' App Version 1.0 Released

  • Selected as a resident company in Chung-nam Content Development Center

  • Participated in Chung-nam Content Creator Fair

  • Selected as the 9th youth Entrepreneurship Academy

  • Founded CAST-U Co., Ltd.

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