CI Introduction

Simbol type

CI of CAST-U expresses music cloud service using a bar shape that represents music based on the cloud shape that represents cloud service. The color used is 'Purple' and 'Blue' which gives a free feeling.

Logo type

Using the 'Black' color that does not change over time, the logotype expresses the desire to achieve innovation based on the convergence of upper and lower case letters.


Dreaming of the future of music

Using the cloud symbol of 'C', the first letter of CAST-U,
and the bar symbol of music,
it gives the meaning that
it will be the best of Music cloud service.


Primary Color

Sub Color

Gray Color


Brand color is an important factor that forms the identity of 'CAST-U'.

For effective use, the color defined by the printing method and the printing material should be minimized to maintain the color defined by the brand color, and the material should be as close to the pantone color as possible for the homepage, various cyan and printed materials.

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